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Belt: Wickett & Craig - Burgundy


Leather: Wickett & Craig 

Color: Burgundy

PLEASE NOTE: Your pant size is not your belt size. See below for measuring instructions. 


1.5 wide

10oz weight veg tan leather

Wickett & Craig Leather is among the highest end vegetable tanned leathers in the world. Crafted in the USA, Wickett & Craig is known for quality, durability, and rich finishes.

Your belt may have slight variations in texture, shade, and imperfections making each Fern + Fin piece unique.

Handmade in Los Angeles, CA USA



• The most accurate way to determine your belt size is to thread a flexible tape measure through the belt loops of your pants (as you would a belt) and mark the spot where the tape reaches exactly one time around your hip.

• The other proper and logical way to measure belt sizes is from the inner edge of the buckle, where belt buckle and buckle pin meet, to the middle hole (the hole you are currently using)


Better over time

Real, high-quality leather is naturally absorbent picking up oils from your skin and other elements it comes into contact with. Over time, this process will give the material a beautiful patina — A softer, darker quality that develops on the surface of the leather, giving it the character that's uniquely yours.